Worst Home Builders In San Antonio (2024)

1. The Best Home Builders in San Antonio, TX | 2629 Reviews

  • Compare homeowners' 2629 ratings & reviews of San Antonio's 9 homebuilders working in 280 communities on TrustBuilder, the leading expert in builder ...

  • Compare homeowners' 2629 ratings & reviews of San Antonio's 9 homebuilders working in 280 communities on TrustBuilder, the leading expert in builder reviews.

2. Top Home Builders in San Antonio - Texas Best Movers

3. Group of home and business owners warning about bad contractor - KSAT

  • 21 sep 2023 · Leigh Waldman is an investigative reporter at KSAT 12. She joined the station in 2021. Leigh comes to San Antonio from the Midwest after ...

  • A group of homeowners and a pair of business owners are sounding the alarm on a bad contractor.

4. Top 50 Reviews From Legit Perry Homes Buyers - ConsumerAffairs

  • In business since 1967, Perry Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in Texas. It offers customized, affordable homes in the Austin, Houston and San Antonio ...

  • Read our expert's review about Perry Homes. Ratings include model homes, upgrade options, warranties, customization and energy-saving features.

5. ranked in the 2024 America's Most Trusted® Home Builder

  • ... San Antonio. The CEO and President of Ashton Woods is Ken Balogh. Ashton Woods Homes is the 12th largest home builder in the US, with 8,591 closings in 2022.

  • TOP 20 HOME BUILDERS RANKED – 2023 AMERICA'S MOST TRUSTED STUDY 1. Taylor Morrison 2. Ashton Woods 3. LGI Homes 4. TriPointe Homes 5. Dream Finders 6. Stanley Martin 7. Mattamy Homes 8. Toll Brothers 9. K. Hovnanian 10. David Weekley 11. Century Communities 12. Richmond American 13. MI Homes 14. Me

6. Top Home Builders in Texas: What You Need to Know - Just Energy

  • 15 mrt 2024 · ... San Antonio, and San Marcos. 4. Tri Pointe Homes. Tri Pointe Homes is another highly trusted home builder with a 117.6 trust score. Tri Pointe ...

  • Call 866-550-1550. This guide to finding the top home builders in Texas offers helpful tips, insights, and data to help you make an informed decision.

7. Monticello Homes: Builders & New Homes for Sale in San Antonio and ...

  • Monticello Homes offers new homes in San Antonio and Austin, TX and the greater area. Featuring experienced home builders and amenities families will co...

8. Home Builder Ratings & Reviews | TrustBuilder - NewHomeSource

  • Search thousands of new home builders, plans, & communities! Search new homes ... San Antonio, TX (2629) · San Diego, CA (557) · San Francisco, CA (42) · San Jose ...

  • Explore homebuilder ratings & reviews on TrustBuilder, the authority for builder reviews by homeowners. Compare over 1,000 builders working in 12,000 communities.

Worst Home Builders In San Antonio (2024)


How long does it take to build a house in San Antonio? ›

It typically takes 6 - 8 months to build a home in Texas once you've broken ground.

How much does it cost to build a home in San Antonio? ›

On average, it costs between $235,000 and $660,000 to build a home in Texas, which can quickly increase when land costs, excavation, permits, and other expenses are included.

How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Texas? ›

How much does it cost to build a 2,000 square foot home in Texas? It costs about $132 per square foot to build a house in Texas. So, you would have to spend $264,000 to build a 2,000-square-foot home in Texas. These costs will vary depending on the exact location, property type, labor costs, material costs, etc.

What is most expensive part of building a house? ›

It's no surprise that the frame of a house ranks among the most costly components of construction. Serving as the foundation and backbone of the structure, it holds paramount importance. The expense is attributed to various factors, including the materials, time, and labor-intensive nature of framing.

How much does it cost to build a house on your own land in Texas? ›

The cost to build a house in Texas is $280,000 to $900,000 on average, not including the cost of the land or site development. New home construction costs range from $140 to $300+ per square foot, depending on the home size and style, quality of the material and finishes, builder, and location.

Is it cheaper to build a house or buy a built house? ›

Key takeaways. The purchase price of a completed new-construction home tends to be higher than that of an existing home.

What is the average price of a house in San Antonio Texas? ›

San Antonio, TX housing market

The median listing home price in San Antonio, TX was $301K in May 2024, trending down -2.9% year-over-year. The median listing home price per square foot was $173. The median home sold price was $295.6K.

Who is America's most trusted builder? ›

America's Most Trusted® Home Builder

According to the 2024 study, Taylor Morrison received the highest trust rating with a Net Trust Quotient Score 109.9.

Which new build company is best? ›

The top 10 house builders in the UK for build quality are The Hill Group, CALA Homes, Bloor Homes, Fairview New Homes, Story Homes, Berkeley Homes, Telford Homes, Countryside, Taylor Wimpey and Barratt Homes, according to HomeViews Resident Choice Awards 2024.

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