Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (2024)

This guide will walk you through Last Epoch’s Campaign and give you tips to help make your progress through the story as smooth as possible for any character!

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 – The Keepers
  • Chapter 2 – The Ruined Future
  • Chapter 3 – Seeking the Last Shard
  • Chapter 4 – The Outcasts and the Empire
  • Chapter 5 – Aid from an Oracle
  • Chapter 6 – Infiltrating the Immortal Citadel
  • Chapter 7 – The Might of Gods
  • Chapter 8 – Lagon’s Blessing
  • Chapter 9 – The Sands of Majasa

Chapter 1 – The Keepers

Despite being the game’s earliest chapter and the start of the game, you’ll still need to be careful about how you proceed. After the first few introductory encounters, it gets easier and easier to get overwhelmed by enemies if you simply try to run past them or face tank them for any reason.

What Gear to look for

We Highly recommend keeping an eye out for Gear with Fire Resistance, Physical Resistance, and to a lesser extent Poison Resistance. The first two will help you much more easily survive this chapter as they make up the majority of the damage you’ll need to deal with here. There are a few sections with enemies that deal Poison Damage but in a very limited amount.

Progressing the Chapter

You’ll start this Journey on the Old Road, in search of the sender of a letter found on a corpse along the road. Encounters here will be fairly small and limited. Be cautious of the Armoured Phoenix’s Flame Breath, as it can take you out very quickly if you don’t pay attention to it.

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Then you’ll be on to the Burning Forest, where you’ll likely hit Level 4 and unlock your first Specialization slot. These allow you to level up and upgrade a chosen skill. This can increase your damage heavily, and increase the utility of the skill or even its damage type as you get further into a skill’s tree.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (2)

You’ll also be joined early on by Grael, who will accompany you until Keepers’ Camp and help you defeat enemies. At the end of the Burning Forest is a Forged Soldier, who primarily hits for fire damage. Watch out for the indicator for his AoE Spin Attack, which will quickly deal heavy fire damage to you as well as Igniting you which will take you out very easily if you don’t avoid it.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (3)

Afterward, you’ll reach the Keeper’s Camp. We highly recommend doing a quick check of the shop to find some quick upgrades. We recommend filling your ring slots and checking for a Belt upgrade to carry another health potion if possible. Otherwise, fill any other empty gear slots to minimize the damage taken.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (4)

Continue through the Fortress Gardens, to the Fortress Walls. Before long you’ll run into Sturiax the Burning Sky. If you haven’t managed to find any Fire Resist, this guy will hurt a lot. He constantly spams AoE Fire Spells, including spawning illusory phoenixes that use their breath attack in place, which can limit the area you have to move around in this fight.

Just after this encounter on the Fortress Walls, you’ll be able to pick up a side quest, which has you head Northwest instead of Northeast. You’ll need to clear a Storeroom filled with enemies including another Forged Soldier, but in return, you get an additional Passive Point for the effort.

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Continue on to the Keepers’ Vault, where you’ll reach yet another Forged Soldier, who is guarding the door to the vault. Defeat him and you’ll be able to Meet up with Keeper Balthas where you need to defeat the Osprix that attack.

Continue to the North Road, where just before the end of the path and the waypoint, Keeper Balthas will get kidnapped. We’ll need to go rescue him, and after informing Keeper Leena and offering to help, we’ll be off to the Osprix Warcamp through the Ultari Highlands.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (6)

We can also pick up an optional quest here, called Missing in the Highlands. It’s generally not worth doing, as it’ll mean taking on a fight with two Forged Soldiers at once, which is just time-consuming for no real reward.

How to defeat Haruspex Orian

At the Summit of the Osprix War Camp, we’ll face off with Haruspex Orian. The big attack you’ll need to be wary of is the fireball.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (7)

If he flies up, just move away in any direction and you’ll avoid it. It does heavy damage if you don’t, but is the only heavy damage attack he has outside of the flame breath which only hits a small cone in front of him and is much easier to avoid. It should be avoided as it also Shreds Fire Resistance, which increases the damage of his other attacks.

At 50% Health, he’ll transition to a second phase which has some new melee attacks, that aren’t too threatening on their own. He also has a gap-closing ability where he’ll fly towards you shooting fireballs, which can similarly hurt just the original fireball attack if you get hit.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (8)

Once you defeat Haruspex Orian and free Keeper Balthas, we’ll head back to the Keepers’ Camp. After some dialogue, we’ll be thrown right into the next chapter through the power of Keeper Balthas’ Epoch Shard.

Chapter 2 – The Ruined Future

After being teleported, we’ll wake up in an unknown area with only the goal of exploring the surrounding area. We’ll eventually meet up with a Guard, who will travel and fight with us as we make our way to the next hub area.

What Gear to look for

Keep an eye out for gear that has Ice, Lightning, Physical, or Void Resistance on them as they’ll come in handy for this Chapter. Try not to drop much of your existing Fire Resistance if it can be helped, as it will remain useful.

Progressing the Chapter

Along the way, We’ll find an injured guard that will ask you to evacuate other guards and civilians. Start with the one to the Southeast, as its area doesn’t connect directly to the others, the back track to the one farthest West. Once done we’ll report to Captain Leora in the Council Chambers, who will award us another Passive Point for completing the task.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (9)

Before getting there, we’ll need to assist Elder Erza by defending him from some Void creatures. This is a short wave-style combat section that ends with a miniboss.

Now that we’re in the Council Chambers, we’ll be able to progress our quests and pick up some new ones, including one from Elder Erza. He’ll ask you to track down his Ledger for him. Artem the Gambler will also request Erza’s Ledger as well, and depending on who you give the ledger to, you get one of two Unique items.

If you give the ledger to Erza, you get Unique Gloves called Avarice. We recommend taking Avarice on your first character, as they grant a good bit of Elemental Resistance (Fire, Ice, Lightning), as well as the ability to Leech Elemental Damage. This is a great pair of gloves for the early game and up the survivability of almost every class, and unless you find or craft something better can last until late-game without issues.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (10)

Artem however offers a Unique Amulet called Gambler’s Fallacy. This grants a guaranteed Critical Strike if you’ve not landed a Critical Strike in the past four seconds. However, it halves your Critical Strike Chance if have crit recently. Additionally, it’ll restore 10 Health on crit. This option is overall much weaker but situationally can be good as it can offer a lot of early power for builds that have on-crit effects.

Moving forward, we’ll be trying to track down Elder Pannion by request of Elder Erza. We’ll eventually reach Pannion’s Study, where he is not to be found, but his students are here. Unfortunately, they’re Void-corrupted, and we’ll need to fight them to figure out where Pannion is. Taking Avarice helps mitigate the damage from this fight, but most damage here is dealt as stationary AoE, so the more painful things are avoidable.

We’ll then be sent to the Lower District to search. As we progress we’ll have to deal with another large Void Creature. This is where any Void Resistance you’ve picked up will help a ton. After this, we’ll be introduced to Time Rifts, which send us back and forth in time to help traverse to different areas, in this case we’ll be using the one that appeared to clear a small chasm.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (11)

Soon after we’ll reach the Armoury. This is where keeping the Fire Resistance from earlier will help. Many of the enemies here will deal Fire Damage alongside the Physical and Void damage from Void creatures. This initial encounter in particular is the main reason we need Fire Resistance, as the mini boss deal heavy fire damage.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (12)

After dealing with the initial encounter, we’ll finally have access to a Forge, allowing us to upgrade our gear. If you’ve picked up the affix shards to do so, we recommend upgrading any health or Resistances on your gear, or adding additional ones. If we’ve picked up a decent weapon we can boost that up a bit too, so our damage doesn’t fall behind.

Near the forge is another NPC that will offer us a side quest, this time to find the Quartermaster somewhere in the Armoury. He’s not too far ahead, and along the main path just before heading to the Lower District. You can return to Captain Ansel in the Council Chambers, who will award you with Gold and XP for this short quest.

How to Defeat Elder Pannion

Before heading back, we’ll want to head to the Lower District. Here we’ll find the Void-corrupted Husk of Elder Pannion, the boss for this chapter. This boss will throw attacks at us which cover every damage type we’ve seen thus far. This means Fire, Ice, Lighting, Physical, and Void. This consists of the attacks of: Incinerate, Thunderdome, Glacial Wave, Stalactite Drop, and Void Burst.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (13)

Incinerate is a beam of high Fire Damage. Pannion will cast it and begin rotating clockwise. You can simply walk clockwise close to Pannion to easily avoid this. If you need to keep distance, use mobility when you need to cross the beam to reduce the time spent in contact with it.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (14)

Thunderdome is an Electic AoE zone that Pannion will attempt to cast on his current location. Once cast, It will remain for a short duration and deal damage any time you step in it.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (15)

Glacial Wave Is a Cold Spell that expands out in a wider and wider cone, being able to cover roughly one-fourth of the arena. Watch out for the frost zone that appears before the cast to avoid this.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (16)

Stalactite Drop randomly drops stalactites around the arena, dealing physical damage on hit. This doesn’t target you directly, instead dropping them randomly. Pay attention to the ground indicators and it can be easily avoided.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (17)

Void Burst is a large Void AoE that Pannion will attempt to cast at your location. It has one of the longest windups of all of Pannion’s skills, but can also deal the most damage. You’re given ample time to simply walk out of the AoE if you see the indicator as its cast.

After defeating Pannion, he’ll drop a second shard of the Epoch, which upon interacting with it will trigger another Time Rift, sending us to The End of Time, which will serve as another hub, primarily for endgame, but will also be our easiest access to a Forge and Respec NPC going forward.

Here we’ll talk to Elder Gaspar, who will allow us to unlock our Mastery, or a Subclass for our chosen class. Afterwards, We’ll return to the Council Chambers, where we can turn in our remaining active quests and progress into the next chapter.

Chapter 3 – Seeking the Last Shard

Remaining in the Ruined Era, we’ll be headed to The Ruined Surface above the Council Chambers. Before we head out, we’ll be able to pick up the Lesser Refuge sidequest, which we’ll be able to complete along the way forward.

What Gear to look out for

This chapter is very heavy on Physical and Void Damage, but also has a few enemies that introduce Poison Damage to the mix again, similar to the first chapter. There are also a small number of enemies that deal Necrotic Damage as well, but very few so it’s not a huge Resistance to worry about just yet.

Progressing the Chapter

First, we’ll make our way to Welryn, the small hub area for this chapter. Upon arriving we’ll be looking to find the Temple of Eterra and inquiring around about it. This leads to us helping the folks in Welryn by tracking down a Phylactery and the Symbol of Hope for them. There’s also a side quest called Clearing the Ruins, which we can take care of simultaneously.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (18)

We’ll head North first since the Ruins of Welryn have both a main and side quest to complete here. Carve your way through the Ruins, defeating the three Void Horrors that will become marked once you engage any of the three. Clearing out the Void Horrors will auto-complete Clearing the Ruins for a nice chunk of Gold and XP.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (19)

For now, continue forward to the Welryn Undercity. We’ll need to talk to the Last Imperial here, who will ask us to defeat three Soul Repositories in the area. After doing so, he’ll grant another sizeable chunk of Gold and XP as well as the Phylactery for our main quest, before opening a shortcut back to the Cultist Camp behind him.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (20)

From the Camp, we’ll head South to the Welryn Docks this time. Now we’ll be after the Symbol of Hope found in the Southeastern area of the Docks. We’ll need to fight off an ambushing Void Centipede to collect it though.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (21)

Now it’s back to the Cultist Camp, where all the people previously here have disappeared aside from one, who directs us to the Ritual Site. We’ll find the previous NPCs we spoke to here, who used us to be able to complete their ritual, which sacrifices themselves and other cultists to create a Void Amalgamation we need to fight before moving on.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (22)

We’ll be onto the Shattered Valley now. We’ll head north to the Abanadoned Tunnel, and make our way through to the Lost Refuge where we’ll be able to inspect the tome here and complete the Lesser Refuge quest, which awards us with two Passive points. We can also return to the Council Chambers and speak with Geova for an additional Gold and XP reward for this quest.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (23)

Back in the Shattered Valley again, we’ll head south and enter the Time Rift to the Ancient Forest. This enables us to complete the Ancient Hunt by slaying the Primeval Dragon found at the end. This quest awards two Idol Slots, in addition to Gold and XP when turning it in.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (24)

Return to Shattered Valley once again, where we’ll make our way forward to the Courtyard through all the Void Cultists and creatures. We’ll be headed to the Temple of Eterra next, which is conveniently guarded by a Temple Guardian. The Temple Guardian is barely a threat as long as we stay in melee range where he’ll melee us more often than not only occasionally casting a fairly weak spell. If we move away, however, he’s more likely to summon additional enemies, which slows the fight down.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (25)

Now we’ll need to make our way through the Temple of Eterra until we reach the Lotus Halls. Here there’s a bridge we’ll need to activate by seeking out two pieces for the bridge mechanism, each located on opposite sides of the Lotus Halls.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (26)

At each of the marked locations, we’ll end up using Time Rifts again to acquire the needed parts. We recommend grabbing the part of the Eastern side first, as it’s much easier to find the small path that connects the two part locations from this side. This prevents a lot of backtracking, instead of having us do a full loop around the area instead.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (27)

How to Defeat the Emperor’s Remains

Now with the parts, we can return to the Bridge and make our way through the Sanctum Bastille to the arena for the boss of the chapter, Emperor’s Remains. This boss is a pushover, so long as you’re not standing in his AoEs. They’re fairly slow and telegraphed, giving a good amount of time to move out of the way and avoid the chains.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (28)

You’ll also need to clear the enemies he summons that shoot High DPS Void Beams, as they’ll last until destroyed and can limit the areas you can safely move. They’re always spawned in pairs and target your current position when they begin their attack. These are pretty fragile, so a couple of ranged attacks or spells usually do the trick.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (29)

With the Last Shard of the Epoch now in hand, you’ll open a Time Rift to the End of Time again. This time Elder Gaspar will send you to find the Outcast Queen for the next chapter of the story.

Chapter 4 – The Outcasts and the Empire

You’ll arrive at the Outcast Camp in the Imperial Era, which has our main quest and a side quest available. We recommend skipping the side quest as it’s very out of the way from the main story. However, the one for the forge is very short and provides some easy XP and Gold.

What Gear to look out for

This chapter features a ton of enemies that deal Necrotic Damage, so Necrotic Resistance will be more important for this chapter. Fire, Lightning, Physical, and Void Resistance remain useful as well for certain areas.

Progressing the Chapter

Focused on the main Story we’re heading West into Imperial Welryn again. Toward the Southern end of Imperial Welwyn, we’ll find the Outcast Mage we’re looking for. We’ll need to fend off the skeletons that have ambushed them. The Outcast will then tell us of the Outcast Hideout found in the Risen Lake. So we’ll head Northwest to enter the Soul Wardens’ Road.

We’ll come to a gate that blocks our forward path on the Soul Wardens’ Road, which will open after we defeat an ambush of undead. This will let us continue to the Risen Lake.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (30)

Shortly after entering the Risen Lake and finding our Waypoint, we’ll find yet another Time Rift that leads to the Corrupted Lake. We’ll need to follow a winding path here to find the Prophet of Ruin we need to defeat here. Once defeated the Idol of Loathing will emerge and we’ll also need to defeat him. Defeating both these foes will award us with a Passive Point and two more Idol Slots.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (31)

We can continue forward for a waypoint that will let us quickly return to the Risen Lake. Now we’ll continue forward to the Outcast Hideout, which we can lower the bridge to by touching the nearby stone.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (32)

Here we’ll need to show Alric’s Ring to the Seer who we will then need to protect from an ambush of undead. The rest of the area will also be filled with undead for us to take out on our way West to Thetima through the Fallen Tower.

We’ll make our way West through Imperial Thetima to the Darkling Pier, where we’ll be able to enter Harton’s Dreadnought. We’ll need to continue forward through Harton’s Dreadnought to The Dreadnought’s Deck, where we’ll find and face down Admiral Harton.

How to Defeat Admiral Harton

Admiral Harton uses a mix of Physical, Lightning, and Necrotic attacks and spells. However, if you have enough Physical and Lightning Resistance you can generally face tank his melee attacks. since most of his spells deal damage in a range that isn’t melee range, rarely, you’ll ever have to deal with more than just the damage from melee attacks.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (33)

However, if you can’t survive his melee hits, you’ll still at least want high Lightning Resistance, as the Lightning spell he casts is fairly quick and can be harder to dodge without mobility skills. His Necrotic Spells can do a good bit of damage, but they’re also stationary spells meant to limit your movement more than anything else.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (34)

After Harton is down, we’ll be able to release Alric before jumping overboard and swimming our way to the next chapter.

Chapter 5 – Aid from an Oracle

We’ll wash up here on the Shining Cove, where after speaking with Alric, we’ll need to make our way to the city of Maj’elka through the Majasan Desert and Wraith Dunes.

What Gear to look out for

This chapter features plenty of Fire, Necrotic, Physical, and Poison Damage. There are very few enemies that deal damage outside of these types. Poison Resistance is especially important as not only do a good number of enemies deal Poison Damage, some can also shred your Poison Resistance causing you to take more damage.

Progressing the Chapter

When we enter the Wraith Dunes, it’s worth taking the detour South to destroy the Wraith Caller, which constantly spawns wraiths on us. This will help us get through the area faster.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (35)

As we near the entrance to the Wraith Dunes from the Majasan Desert, we’ll run into Rouj Zabat who will ask us to find Lost Nagasan Gems in the Wraith Dunes.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (36)

Upon entering the Wraith Dune we’ll want to head toward the Northwest where we’ll have to deal with Argolos the Blessed. This beefy scoprion is one of very few enemies that doesn’t deal the damage types listed earlier, instead using primaily Ice and Lightning attacks and summoning Ice foes. Then we’ll need to seek out Rouj Zabat in Maj’elka to turn in the quest.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (37)

When we first reach Maj’elka we’ll immediately meet up with Alric. He’ll inform us that the Oracle’s Abode is sealed off by four Nagasan Sigils that represent the four castes of Nagasan, hidden throughout Maj’elka.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (38)

We’ll want to head Southeast first, as not only will we be able to pick up the Emerald Sigil here, but we’ll be very close to where Rouj Zabat is.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (39)

After fending off an Ambush near Rouj Zabat, we’ll be awarded with a Passive Point for having defeated Argolos the Blessed.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (40)

Afterward, we can head North, where we’ll be able to grab the Ruby Sigil after defeating the Rare Imperial mob found near the forge area. Then we’ll continue into the Sapphire Quarter where the remaining Sigils can be found.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (41)

After heading North just a bit, we’ll reach the Sapphire Sigil, guarded by a Soul Cage Mob which deals heavy Necrotic Damage.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (42)

Even further North, we’ll be able to grab the Diamond Sigil. This one is guarded by an Immortal Eye, another enemy that deals heavy Necrotic damage. Be careful for the transition zone here as it can make the fight messy if you’re playing a highly mobile class.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (43)

With all four Sigil in hand, head South back to Maj’elka and we’ll be able to open the Oracle’s Abode. Here we can talk to the Oracle to continue forward.

We’ll want to pick up the side quest, The Sapphire Tablet, also found here which has us backtrack a small amount and is one of the only times we’ll need Void Resistance for this chapter. We’ll need to enter the Time Rift near the beginning of the Shining Cove, make our way through the zone, defeat the miniboss there, and return to the Shrine Maiden with the tablet. On our return, we’ll be awarded a Passive Point and two Idol Slots.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (44)

Now we can continue through the Maj’elkan Catacombs to reach the Titan’s Canyon. Of note, near the Waypoint in the Titan’s Canyon is a special Cache that contains Singularity, a Unique Idol that increases your Hit Damage by up to 20% if only one is equipped, but disables your ability to crit. It’s a really solid damage boost, assuming you’re not heavily invested in Critical Strikes already or using Gambler’s Fallacy.

How to Defeat Spymaster Zerrick

At the end of Titan’s Canyon is Spymaster Zerrick, the Chapter Boss. This gimmicky boss can hide and block all hit damage done to him. He’ll also spread poison clouds everywhere and the primary reason Poison Resistance is important for this chapter.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (45)

Thankfully this AoE doesn’t inflict the Poison Ailment, otherwise, it’d be incredibly painful. With enough Poison Resistance though, most Leech is enough to survive easily thanks to all the Grubs he also spawns.

You’re unfortunately forced to be in melee range most of this fight or Spymaster Zerrcik simply won’t be vulnerable often. Just be sure to force him to hide every so often to reset his melee attack speed and keep his damage manageable.

After Defeating him, you’ll be able to enter the Maj’elkan Waystation, where Alric will active a device that will send you to the next Chapter.

Chapter 6 – Infiltrating the Immortal Citadel

Once arriving, Alric will notice a strange person who seems to be watching the two of you. After Speaking with Yulia, she’ll inform you she’s here to help you reach the Immortal Citadel. She suggests the easiest path will be through the sewers.

What Gear to look out for

This Chapter has enemies that deal a ton of Necrotic, Physical, and Poison Damage. There are very few enemies in the chapter that will deal damage outside of these types, so having these resists as high as possible is good, even if it means sacrificing other resists temporarily. Just make sure you’re not giving up Lightning Resistance.

Progressing the Chapter

To get there, we’ll head through the Rust Lands first. There’s not much here outside of another Time Rift to the Verdant Lakes. This one is entirely optional, but awards the Orchirian’s Petals Unique Relic.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (46)

This is a great relic for any class that uses Physical Spells and will be a very welcomed power boost for them. This generally only benefits Acolytes or Primalists for the most part, but some other niche options can use it as well.

Once you reach the Lower Sewers, speak with Alric, who will then meet you in the next area, the Barren Aqueducts. You’ll end up needing to save him from Fallen Osprix before continuing through the Necropolis of the Deep to Yulia’s Haven.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (47)

In Yulia’s Haven, you’ll at least have access to your Stash and Vendor, but there’s not much else here. Speak with Both Alric and Yulia to grab their quests. Then we’ll head North first to take care of Alric’s Revenge.

We’ll make our way through the Nests of the Fallen and take out the Osprix to draw out their leader. Defeat their leader, which is just a Rare mob. Return to Alric for a Passive Point as well as some Gold and XP.

Quick detour done, we can carry on with the campaign. We’ll head through the Upper Necropolis to the Citadel Sewers. Here we’ll need to defeat three roaming Imperial Watchers. We recommend working your way clockwise around the zone head up and to the left at the start, as the Watchers all roam in a counter-clockwise which will make the process slower.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (48)

With the Watchers downs, we’ll be able to enter the Immortal Summit, and before long the Immortal Citadel where the Boss of the Chapter resides. This is the first Boss encounter that has you fighting multiple bosses at the same time.

How to Defeat Yulia, Admiral Harton, and Spymaster Zerrick

You’ll be fighting Yulia, who appears to have betrayed you, in addition to Admiral Harton and Spymaster Zerrick. We’ll be able to target Yulia immediately and will want to focus her down first, as she can heal the others if left alone. If our damage is high enough, we can take out her small health pool before the others are resurrected.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (49)

Harton and Zerrick are both unchanged and use all the same attacks, minus any summons. Sadly they both have the same health as before, if not slightly higher so the rest of the fight is a slog By this point you should hopefully be able to just tank their melee attacks with ease.

With high Physical, Lightning, and Poison resistance, it’s often very easy to just face tank both of these bosses with little issue. As long as you move out of Spymaster Zerrick’s Poison DoT areas, they’ll go down easily enough.

Once Defeated the Immortal Emperor will attack you, before being frozen in place by Yulia as you escape to the Divine Era. As it turns out, she didn’t betray you and this was planned, sort of.

Chapter 7 – The Might of Gods

We’ll start in the Immortal Citadel, or rather the Gates of Solarum, where we’ll have to deal with a ton of Osprix and other enemies that deal tons of fire damage. We’ll make our descent down into and through Burning Forest through the Solarum enemies to reach the Scorched Grove.

What Gear to look out for

This Chapter has enemies that deal primarily Fire, Ice, and Physical Damage. A few select enemies will also deal Lightning Damage, but not many. Those are the main Resistances to be focused on, assuming you’re not nearly capped on everything by this point.

Progressing the Chapter

Watch as Heorot wipes out enemies for a bit before Rahyeh descends to attack Heorot directly, injuring him as a result. Speak with the injured Heorot, who will request that you retrieve his lance and use it to defeat Rahyeh.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (50)

Yulia will arrive shortly after, trying to figure out what is going on. Given that Heorot has entrusted you with the task of finding his lance, Yulia eases up and bit and trusts you’re not the problem. She’ll ask you to meet her in Heoborea, where she reveal the Lance of Heorot can be found in the Temple of Heorot, but we’ll need the aid of the nomads in reaching it, sending us to help them.

Before heading out, speak with the Medicine Man to pick up the A Heoborean Cure quest. We’ll be able to do this alongside the main quest with only a small detour for its reward. This quest has us retrieve some reagents for this cure, involving Wengari Bile, an Eber Liver, and a Bitterwing Fang.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (51)

We’ll head out the Southwest to the Heoborean Forest first. Continue Southwest to Nomad Camp for now. Enter the camp and defeat the Wengari raiders there, then speak with the surviving Nomads. They’ll tell you we’ll need to recover the Blessed Horn from the Wengari, so we’ll be off to the Wengari Fortress.

Just outside of the Wengari Fortress, we’ll be able to pick up another side quest from the Nomad Leader to rescue more of the Nomads from the Wengari. Now we can progress into the Wengari Fortress and take care of everything we need to do here.

Off toward the Northwest, we’ll find the Wengari that will drop the Wengari Bile for one of our sidequests. Then continuing north we’ll reach a split in the path with one path leading to the main objective and the other to our other side quest.

We’ll take care of the side objective first since it’s closer. We’ll need to defeat the Wengari Beastmaster. He only deals Physical Damage, using only Melee Attacks or Throwing Attacks while constantly summoning Wengari Hounds, which also only deal physical Damage. After he’s defeated, speak with the Captured Nomads and let them know it’s safe. We’ll be able to claim our reward shortly.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (52)

First, we need to finish the main objective and defeat the Wengari Matriarch and Wengari Patriarch. The Wengari Matriarch will use mainly Melee Attacks, occasionally casting Lightning spells that leave AoE on the ground to avoid. She’ll also leap at you if you get too far away and hit you with a Lightning slam skill. She can be mostly ignored until the Patriarch is down if you’ve kept up with your defenses.

The Wengari Patriarch, however, will constantly spam Cold Spells, including creating a totem that will create a DoT area around it. You’ll want to focus him down first, as his damage output can be excessive if he stacks multiple spells on top of each other.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (53)

Once they’re defeated, collect the Blessed Horn. After which we’ll head back to town. Speak with the Nomad Leader here once again to complete his quest, earning two more Idol Slots.

Now use the map to travel back to the Heoborean Forest. This time we’ll head through the Ice Caverns. We’ll head Northwest from here to reach our sidequest, picking up the Bitterwing Fang. After which we can proceed through the rest of the Ice Cavern, where we’ll exit into the Tundra, right near the Eber that will drop the Eber liver we need for this quest as well. We’ll also not be too far from the location we need to use the Blessed Horn.

We’ll continue North for now, using the Blessed Horn to call forth the bridge to the Temple of Heorot. We’ll need to make our way to the end of the Temple, where we’ll need to defeat Spreading Frost.

Spreading Frost is an oversized Ice Elemental that will constantly split itself into small copies, which all have the same attacks. AoE is your friend here, as you’ll need to keep the number of copies at a minimum to reduce incoming damage but still also deal damage to Spreading Frost. They all attack independently, but their attacks can overlap and deal a ton of damage if you’re not careful.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (54)

Once defeated, a portal to the Farwood will open. Here we’ll meet up with Grael and head deeper into the Farwood. Eventually reaching the Tomb of Morditas, where the boss of this chapter resides, The Frostroot Warden.

How to Defeat the Frostroot Warden

The Frostroot Warden is made easier with Grael’s help, who will periodically freeze the boss, interrupting some attacks and giving you more time to get out of harder-to-avoid attacks.

His most common attack is to spawn Ice Orbs around the arena. These orbs will detonate after a short time, dealing Cold Damage. While these are easy to avoid, they can deal a lot of damage if you get caught in multiple overlapping orbs, which can freeze you as well.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (55)

He’ll also frequently stomp, dealing high Physical Damage at a quick pace. He’ll often stomp when you’re in melee range for a long period, and immediately stop once you are out of range. It’s best to use mobility to move away then resume the attack once he’s stopped.

The Boss will also occasionally summon minions, in the form of Ice Elementals. These are very fragile and attack very slowly with slower projectiles. These are often best ignored, as they will all disappear when the fight ends anyways. However, if he’s spawning too many of them due to a longer fight, you may need to clean them up once or twice.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (56)

After defeating him you’ll be able to retrieve the Lance of Heorot. Then Speak with Grael and you’ll be sent back to Heoborea. While you’re here, speak with the Medicine Man and turn in A Heoborean Cure to be awarded two additional Idol Slots.

Speak with Yulia then head East and return to Heorot who will bless the lance with the last of his strength, and tell you the lance also needs to be blessed by a drop of blood from both Lagon, the God of Storms and Majasa, the Goddess of Opulence.

Chapter 8 – Lagon’s Blessing

We’ll return to Heoborea first via Town portal, then head Southwest to the Northern Stream, making our way to the Deep Harbor.

What Gear to look out for

This Chapter is very heavy on Cold, Fire, Lightning, and Physical Damage. The boss especially will demand that Cold, Lightning, and Physical Resistance are all capped. As such, try to make sure they are capped before heading into the final sections.

Progressing the Chapter

Once we reach the Deep Harbor, speak with Yulia. She’ll say we’ll need to take the ferry to reach the port city of Thetima, however the ferry is being blocked by the Osprix. Offer to take them out, then head East to the Burning Pier.

Here we’ll need to defeat two Elite Osprix, one to the North and one to the South. This section is one of the largest reasons we even need to worry about Fire Resistance, just due to the number of enemies here.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (57)

Start with the one to the Northeast, and be wary that after defeating them a new round of enemies will spawn on the way Southwest, even if you cleaned up every enemy on the way there. The same is also true if you started with the Elite Osprix to the Southwest as well. Once both are defeated, return to town via portal and speak with the ferryman to open the path forward to Lake Liath.

In Lake Liath we’ll want to head West, heading up the wooden structure. We’ll continue following the path Northwest until we reach the area shown below, where we’ll want to take the Northeast path, as the path that continues Northwest is a dead end with just a rare mob.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (58)

We’ll continue Northeast until we reach another split in the path. This time we’ll head Northwest toward Liath’s Road. Here we’ll follow the path forward past Liath’s Tower for now, until we reach a dead end. Here we’ll need to defeat the Osprix to move forward, which will open after we speak with Liath. Follow this path to the Northwest to reach Thetima.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (59)

If you don’t have 20 Idol slots already, you can make the detour here to complete Liath’s Tower which will award 2 Idol Slots if not capped. This short side area ends with a miniboss fight against Pontifex Aurelus, who is a large Osprix that uses Melee attacks and spells that deal Fire Damage.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (60)

This can be a very quick quest if you have any kind of mobility skill, which will let you quickly zoom up the floors. Collect the books in the Northwest sie of the arena after defeating Pontifex Aurelus and use your map to go back to Lake Liath, we’ll be able to turn this quest in when we reach Thetima.

We’ll finally arrive in Thetima, and we’ll want to speak with Yulia after we arrive. She’ll task us to find a captain who can sail us to the Isle of Storms. We’ll find Captain Harton in the northwestern part of town, which will progress the quest and open the path to the Lagon’s Isle Zone.

From here, we need to visit two side areas; The Strand of Storm to the Northwest, and the Coral Pools to the Northeast.

We’ll start by heading to the Strand of Storms first. Before we enter this new zone there’s an NPC just before it that will give us an optional quest for some bonus XP, but we can complete it entirely passively on the way through, so it’s worth taking.

Once in the Strand of Storms, we’ll head Northwest until we locate the Moon Fragment. Collect it and we can head back to Lagon’s Isle.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (61)

If you took the optional sidequest, use quick travel to exit and re-enter the zone, this puts you near the entrance allowing you to turn in the quest just outside. Turn in the quest if you took it, then head Northeast to the Coral Pools.

In the Coral Pools we’ll head to the west first, to pick the side quest if we want it. Then we’ll begin making our way towards the eastern side of the zone where the Moon Fragment is.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (62)

If you take the quest, pick up the eggs along the way, and be sure to fast travel out of and back to the Coral pools to progress the side quest which we can turn in when we’re back in Thetima later.

With both Moon Fragments in hand, we can head North to the Moonlit Shrine, place them on their pedestals, and open the way to the Temple of Lagon.

Before we go too deep into the Temple of Lagon, it’s worth noting that this will be our last easy waypoint for the Chapter. It’s worth taking the time here to make sure our gear and Idols are set for the upcoming boss or it can be a very rough fight.

Inside the Temple of Lagon, we’ll want to make our way though the temple. While we’re not given an exact direct to go, the easiest way to quickly make your way through is to follow the groups of enemies you see. They’ll loop you around a little, but generally have you head East while avoiding dead ends.

Now you’ll be in the Temple Depths. Like before we’ll follow the enemies, and as we get close to the next zone, we’ll have a marker to follow. This leads us to the Sanctum of the Architect, where Architect Liath will confront us and try to stop us from requesting Lagon’s aid by blessing the Lance of Heorot.

This mini boss isn’t too hard, as Liath will only teleport between the corners of the arena. Assuming you have capped Lighting Resistance in preparation for the upcoming boss, you’ll find that the minions she summons are more dangerous than her. She doesn’t have much health thankfully and should go down quickly and open the way to the Seafloor Coliseum.

How to Defeat Lagon, God of Storms

Lagon is by far one of the biggest stat checks in the game. With High health, Mixed Damage, and being one of the most mechanically demanding fights in the campaign; he’s going to punish you for not being prepared.

That said, going into this fight we will want to always cap our Cold, Lightning, and Physical Resistances. All of his melee attacks (from him and his tentacles) deal Physical damage and have a high chance to stun, so Max Health and Stun Avoidance can be valuable here as well in addition to Physical Resistance. Most of his Spells deal Cold Damage, Lightning Damage, or a mix of both.

Keep in mind during fight, we can only damage Lagon by hitting his tentacles, so we’ll need to make we’re not tossing ranged attacks or spells at him. During his first phase, he’ll use five main attacks which we’ll call Claw Jab, Storm Call, Storm Burst, Storm Wave, and Storm Sweep.

The Claw Jab is his only Physical attack, which will almost always Stun us if it hits. Having High Health or Stun Avoidance in combination with high Physical Resistance can mitigate this. On its own, it’s not super threatening, but getting hit by one at the wrong time can lead to a quick death. Just be wary of what other spells are being thrown out.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (63)

Storm Call will have Lagon place several Lightning AoE around the area, which drop lightning bolts after a short delay. As far as Lagon’s attacks go, this is by far the weakest, doing very little damage and being easy to avoid. It’s shown on the left in the image below.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (64)

Storm Burst is a much stronger version of Call Lightning. This places one large moon AoE on the ground that deals incredibly high damage, but also has a much longer delay. If we don’t have much additional Health or Armor in addition to capped Cold and Lightning resistances, this will just one-shot us. It’s shown on the right of the image above.

Storm Wave is another heavy hit, though easily survived with just capped Resistances. Lagon will charge up energy before dealing Cold and Lightning Damage in a cone directed at out position when he begins the cast. As long as we’re not standing still, we can generally avoid this by paying attention to when Lagon puts his head down.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (65)

Storm Sweep is Lagon other attack that is very easily fatal. Similar to Storm Wave, Lagon will charge up energy before sweeping the area with a narrow cone, starting near us and sweeping over us if we don’t move. This attack will deal heavy Cold and Lightning Damage, and should be avoided by moving in the direction he sweeps, or using mobility that is instant or has immunity to avoid this damage

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (66)

This attack is indicated by Lagon rolling his eye, then looking to the left or right of us. He’ll generally sweep from the side closest to the center of the arena and sweep toward us. This only changes slightly if we’re at the far edge of the arena, where he will start slightly off the arena and sweep towards the center.

Once you reach 50% Health, You’ll be teleported to the lower part of the arena. This phase has you quickly defeating tentacles, while Lagon summons minions and throws spells at you. The biggest threat here is the Tsunami spells that frequently go across the arena. These will deal high damage and in combination with an unlucky stun from a tentacle, can be unavoidable. Try to use this phase to refill your potions to max for the rest of the fight.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (67)

After a certain number of tentacles are defeated or a certain time has passed, Lagon will teleport you back to the main arena. This begins the third phase of the fight, where we’ll take out the remaining 50% of his health. This is a repeat of the first phase.

Once you manage to survive the fight, speak with Lagon who will commend you for surviving and bless the Lance of Heorot. He’ll also open a portal back to Thetima. Once there, we’ll speak with Yulia and be able to proceed into the final chapter of the campaign by taking a ship or Soreth’ka.

Chapter 9 – The Sands of Majasa

We’ll immediately arrive on the docks of Soreth’ka. Immediately as we disembark the ship, we’ll be offered our Main Campaign quest by Yulia, as well as the Harton’s Idol sidequest. Accept both, as they’ll take us to the same area, and Harton’s Idol is just a small detour for easy XP and Idol slots, if we’re missing any.

What Gear to look out for

At this point, we’ll be aiming to have capped all of our Resistances. This Chapter will throw nearly every damage type at you, which is almost true for the final boss of this section as well. More importantly, doing so will prepare you for the endgame content that comes after.

Progressing the Chapter

After accepting our quests, head North and speak with the Soreth’ka Nagasa to progress the main quest and head into the Crossroads just a bit East from here.

Once in the Crossroads, we’ll take the quick detour to the West to drop off Harton’s Idol.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (68)

After this we’ll head Northeast, and then fight off the Osprix ambush here. Once the Osprix are defeated, we can take a portal back to town.

Back in Soreth’ka, speak with Harton and Yulia on the docks again to turn in the side quest and progress the Main Campaign Quest. Completing Harton’s Idol will award us 2 Idol Slots, if we have not already hit a total of 20 yet; if we have, it’ll just reward Gold and XP.

Once we speak with Yulia again we’ll be headed towards the Majasan Desert. We can take an optional sidequest just before we enter the desert. This will have us track down a missing merchant, and is right outside of the gate. Sadly we don’t get to turn it in until we reach Maj’elka, the final hub city of the campaign.

We’ll now be in the Dry River, where we’ll head Southeast towards Maj’elka. If we took the side quest, there is backpack on the ground we need to interact with to progress it.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (69)

A bit further along the path is the merchant’s corpse for the same quest, which after interacting with it will spawn a Scarab Brood Keeper. Defeat it and we’ll be able to turn it in once we reach Maj’elka.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (70)

Once we pass though the Dry River, we’ll be in the Radiant Dunes. We’ll be directed Northeast, only to find the Scalebane have blocked the path forward, so we’ll need to head South to find an alternative route. We’ll come to another closed gate controlled by the Scalebane Swarmkeeper, found just to the South.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (71)

This Named Elite deals a ton of Poison Damage in addition to Shredding Poison Resistance and summon minions that also deal poison damage. Once defeated we’ll be able to free Zerrick, who is locked in a cage.

We’ll be able to head back to the now-opened gate and proceed forward. As we head toward Maj’elka, we’ll find glowing tomb entrance along all the wall, regardless if we head Northeast or Southeast toward Maj’elka.

Entering this tomb will start the Desert Treasure side quest. We’ll need to defeat the Gold Elemental here and grab the artifact it was guarding to continue the quest. We’ll progress this by speaking to a vendor in Maj’elka, who will then send you to a contact in the Maj’elka Slums.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (72)

We’ll finally arrive in Maj’elka, where we’ll need to speak with the Nagasa Guards in the middle of town. We’ll attempt to request an audience with Majasa, only to be denied. Speak with Yulia, who will then task us with finding a way into the temple, and we suggest getting help from Zerrick. Zerrick suggests getting info from the Scalebane Guild Leader.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (73)

We’ll also find a trader here who we can report the dead merchant from earlier to for our reward of Gold and XP. This trader will also ask us to find another missing merchant if we choose, resulting in similar rewards, but this one sends us farther out of the way and isn’t worth doing. With that we’re off to the Maj’elka Lower District.

Speaking with Zerrick again will also give us a quest to defeat Arjani, the Ruby Commander. This is another side quest, which will take us on a slight detour, but a very quick one for extra rewards. With that, we’re off to the Maj’elka Lower District.

Once we arrive in the Maj’elka Lower District, we’ll want to work our way Southwest, toward the Maj’elka Slums. If we picked up the ‘side’Arjani, The Ruby Commander’ quest from Zerrick, we should look to hear Northwest first instead, to defeat them first before heading Southeast toward the Slums.

After heading Southeast We’ll eventually reach a dead end blocked by a Scalebane Bodyguard, who gives us the option to pay him a sum of gold or fight him. The fee he requests is quite high, but he’s also a tough fight. Which option we choose doesn’t matter, and we can continue forward afterward.

We’ll now be in the Maj’elka Slums, where we’ll want to head east until we cross the narrow river here. From here we’ll continue Northeast until we cross the river yet again. Then we’ll follow the wall North until we reach the location shown below. Enter to find the contact for the Desert Treasure quest.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (74)

Speaking with him, he’ll offer to buy the treasure for 5,000 gold. If you haggle with him by telling him it’s a low offer, you can instead get 20,000 Gold in addition to the quest rewards. This can soften the monetary blow if you paid the Bodyguard earlier. If we’ve not reached 20 slots for our Idol Container by this point, this quest will also award 2 Idol Slots.

This NPC also has a shop which can be worth a quick look over, as he sells a variety of equipment and Idols. The main difference here is his inventory leans towards the Rare rarity, rather than being mostly Common or Magic. He’s also the only vendor to sell Idols at any point.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (75)

Exit the abode and continue East to the marked building that is the farthest to the East, as shown above. Inside we’ll find the Scalebane Guild Leader. The Scalebane Guild Leader deals primarily Physical and Poison Damage with a lot of very quick melee strikes that inflict Poison.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (76)

Once defeated we can take a portal back to Maj’elka. After speaking with Zerrick, we’ll progress our main quest. For the main quest, we’ll be breaking into an Osprix Warcamp to steal a Giant Eagle to land on the temple, yet another outlandish idea from Zerrick. With that, we’re off to The Oasis.

If we completed its steps earlier, we can also turn in the ‘Arjani, the Ruby Commander’ quest to Zerrick now. In addition to Gold and XP, this will award us with 2 Idol Slots, assuming we haven’t hit the 20-slot limit just yet.

In the Oasis, we’ll want to head north to the Mine Entrance. If you opted to do the second missing merchant quest, head West for that instead first. Once we’re at the Mine Entrance. We can pick up the ‘Too Greedily, Too Deeply’ quest here, which is a small detour in the mine, but comes with decent rewards.

Once we’re inside the Crystal Mines, we’ll want to take that detour first, heading Northwest. This will lead us to an abandoned mineshaft that will have to take down a Crystal Lotus, a crystallized version of Ochirian the Rampant that uses elemental spells. Once Defeated, we’ll be able to return to Mahraan Zabat outside the Mines to claim 2 Idol Slots, assuming we’re not capped yet, in addition to some XP and Gold.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (77)

Whether you took the detour or not, we’ll now head Northeast through the mines toward the Aerie. Once here, we’ll speak with Zerrick who will tell us where to find the Giant Eagle we’re after. Follow the path forward, defeating the Osprix along the way. We’ll eventually reach a landing platform, where we’ll need to defeat a Siege Golem to progress.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (78)

With the Siege Golem and other enemies defeated, board the Giant Eagle, which has a platform on its back. We’ll be riding on the platform to Majasa’s Temple, only to be attack by the Osprix once again. Once clearing them out, they’ll land an artillery shot on the platform, forcing us to land on the temple earlier than intended.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (79)

Now we’ll need to make our way across the Temple Rooftops to reach the inner parts of the temple. This area is flooded with all kinds of Nagasa, each utilizing an element based on their tribe. Ruby Nagasans use Fire, Sapphire Nagasans use Ice, and Emerald Nagasans use Poison.

We’ll want to follow the rooftops Southeast, staying along the bottom. We’ll eventually come to a path that leads us lower, which we’ll follow before continuing Southeast. Stick to the upper part of this section, as we’ll be looking for a ramp that leads us back up, As we near the end of the Rooftops, we’ll reach Stormthrower Zael, an Elite Sapphire Nagasa that has powerful ice spells.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (80)

We’re on to the Upper Temple, which is filled with more Nagasa. This now includes Diamond Matrons, which are Elites that always have the ‘Nearby Allies take less Damage’ aura on them and use Fire Magic.

This is a good point to head to town or the End of Time and prepare for the battles ahead, as this is the last zone with a waypoint before the boss. You’ll want to be well protected from every element that isn’t Necrotic, but ideally, you’re capped on all resistances or can manage it. If you have spare Affixes, we also highly recommend getting as much Armor as possible to round everything off.

We’ll make our way Northeast, towards the Lower Temple. Here we’ll encounter Apophis, who will summon waves of enemies to send after us. These waves will consist of mostly Nagasa, aside from a couple of waves of Void enemies at the end. We recommend moving near the barred-off gate to the Northeast, as not only will we head in that direction after it will also funnel enemies to us and we’ll have to deal with fewer at a time if we take them out quickly enough.

After the waves of enemies are defeated, we’ll continue forward until we reach the Chamber of the Vessels. It’s here we’ll fight the final boss of the main campaign, Majasa, the Goddess of Opulence.

How to Defeat Majasa, the Goddess of Opulence

Majasa is a very mechanic-heavy boss that will deal tons of damage of every element save for Necrotic and Void throughout the fight.

Phase 1

The first half of this fight will be dealing tons of Cold, Fire, Lightning, and Poison Damage by various means. The Attacks she has a number of attacks, but we’ll give them names to identify them with. These consist of Stone Gaze, Poison Rain, Flame Spear, Storm Comet, and her big mechanic Elemental Crystals.

Stone Gaze is a spell that casts a cone AoE which does very little damage but applies stacks of Stone Gaze. Each Stack will slow your movement speed. At four stacks of Stone Gaze, you become Petrified for 4 seconds, becoming unable to move or attack. Use mobility or simply leave the cone AoE as soon as she starts the cast to avoid being Petrified.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (81)

Poison Rain is signaled by Majasa rattling her tail. After this, globs of poison will fall all over the arena, leaving Poison pools that deal damage over time while standing in them. This attack isn’t hard to avoid nor does it do much if you don’t stand in the poison. If you want a safe spot, the Northeastern bridge area of the arena will rarely be hit by this attack, which works well if you can survive her other hits.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (82)

Flame Spear is a Fire spell that will directly target our location with a large fire AoE. We’ll hear Majasa say “Foul Insect” as she lifts the Spear in the air before throwing it for the attack. As long as we’re moving in a single direction we’ll generally avoid it, if not you can use mobility skills as well.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (83)

Storm Comet is a Cold and Lightning Spell that attempts to drop a comet on you. We’ll hear Majasa say “Be Gone” as she begins to prepare the comet to drop on you. If it doesn’t land directly on you, it also sends out shockwaves towards you when it lands, so keep moving until those miss to avoid damage.

Her big mechanic for this phase is the Elemental Crystals. At 66% and 33% health, Majasa will say “This will be your tomb” before diving under the sand and becoming immune to damage for this attack. She’ll then begin applying stacks of Slow, while she summons the Elemental Crystals for each of the elements she attacks with in this phase.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (84)

Of the Three Crystals summon, the Fire one is the highest priority to take out, as it fires of a constant stream of fireballs at you. While it rotates slowly and you cna avoid fireballs if you’re farther away, Majasa will rarely give the opportunity to do this safely or easily.

The Other two aren’t nearly as much of an issue overall, but should be taken out so you don’t have to deal with the large Lightning or Poison projectiles they send out on a regular basis. They’ll last until defeated as well, so it’s easier to just quickly remove them.

Phase 2

Once her health bar is fully depleted, Majasa will transition into her second phase. She’ll lose the majority of her ranged spells, save for Stone Gaze, and primarily use Physical Damage Melee attacks.

She has three melee Attacks, a Single Hit Attack, a Multi-hit Combo, and an AoE Tail Swipe. The single and multi-hit attack are hard to avoid, as Majasa will always rush to you before attacking. However, she’ll rattle her tail before doing the Tail Swipe giving you a chance to avoid it with any mobility you have.

All of her Melee attacks will apply stacks of Armor Shred, which reduces your Armor. This means you’ll steadily take more and more damage from her attacks if you don’t try to make some distance every so often.

She also has a couple of new Blood-themed skills that deal Physical Damage in an AoE. We’ll refer to these as Blood Burst and Blood Surge.

Blood Surge will have Majasa fire off several blood projectiles in random directions, applying stacks of Armor Shred on hit. Majasa will cry out in agony when she begins this attack. The best way to avoid this damage is by getting close to her, as the projectiles rarely land in melee range of her unless you’re near a wall.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (85)

Blood Pulse will have Majasa draw Blood Orbs towards her, which deal very little damage as they pass through you. However, she’ll be preparing to send out a powerful surge of blood that deals heavy Physical Damage. Majasa will say “Blood, More Blood” as she begins this attack. It’s best to move out of the AoE however you can, as this is her single hardest-hitting attack in this phase.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (86)

When Majasa is dropped to less than 50% health, her mechanic for this phase will kick in. Majasa will say “Hunger, More” as she heads for one of the two sarcophagi in the arena. Upon reaching it, she’ll begin recovering health, healing a total of 50%.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (87)

She’ll do this twice in the fight as most, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Just use the time to keep throwing damage at her for free and mitigating as much of the healing as you can. Since it’ll heal a fixed 50%, any damage dealt will stick.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (88)

With this phase down, Majasa will be defeated. We’ll use her blood to bless the Lance of Heorot and we’ll pursue Apophis. After confronting Apophis, we’ll be taken to the End of Time one final time, where we’ll be directed to speak with Agony and begin the Monolith of Fate, one of Last Epoch’s Endgame Systems.

Last Epoch Full Campaign Walkthrough (2024)
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