Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (2024)

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has28 Phenomenon Intel Locations (Protorelics). The Protorelics are part of the 169World Intelcollectibles. Finding all World Intel is required to craft all Materia from Chadley for theMateria Completionisttrophy. Protorelics are different types of minigames in each region. Each of the 7 regions contains exactly 4 Phenomenon Intel.Finish all 4 Phenomenon Intel in a region to unlock that region’s Protorelic. Unlocking all Protorelics will spawn the superboss called “Gilgamesh” for theBladesman of Legend trophy.

There’s a trophy tied to each region’s Protorelic:

  • Founder’s BonusFinal Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (1)–Obtain a protorelic in the grasslands.
  • Fort Condor CommanderFinal Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (2)–Obtain a protorelic in the Junon region.
  • Cactuar CrusherFinal Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (3)–Obtain a protorelic in the Corel region.
  • Honorary TurkFinal Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (4)–Obtain a protorelic in the Gongaga region.
  • The Gambit Paid OffFinal Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (5)–Obtain a protorelic in the Cosmo Canyon region.
  • Professional HandlerFinal Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (6)–Obtain a protorelic in the Nibel region.
  • Bladesman of LegendFinal Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (7)–Defeat Gilgamesh. (obtain all Protorelics and then obtain the Protorelic in Meridian Ocean)

Nothing is missable, everything canstill be completed via Chapter Select which is unlocked after the story. If collecting via Chapter Select it’s best to do everything in Chapter 13 because you have access to everything in the open world at this point.

Region Select:

  1. Grasslands
  2. Junon
  3. Corel
  4. Gongaga
  5. Cosmo Canyon
  6. Nibel
  7. Meridian Ocean

For all other types of World Intel refer toFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth World Intel Guide.

Grasslands Region

Phenomenon Intel 1: Wild Bandit Chase
Found at the coast in the north-east. The entrance is blocked but you can crouch through the broken fence on the right side. Then climb the ledges on the front, defeat the enemies.

Phenomenon Intel 2:One Badass Barbecue
This one requires sneaking in stealth. Start by rolling forward ( Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (10) ) when the patrolling enemy on the right is looking away. Then head left between the crates. There’s an enemy patrolling on the left and a couple standing in the middle. When the left enemy is walking in the direction you came from, and the on in the middle is looking in the direction you came from, you must quickly roll between the brown crates with Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (11) . This will get you past the guys in the middle. Enter the building behind them. Thenafter a cutscene you must climb upstairs to the roof, drop down from the roof and defeat the enemies.

Phenomenon Intel 3: Diversionary Tactics
Enter the building through the open door on its north side. Inside are 3 enemies, the correct one holding the relic is the left one called “Burke”. Then defeat all enemies. Afterward, call your Chocobo. Walk around until it shows a red “?” icon above its head. Then hold Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (14) to tilt the right stick in the direction indicated on the screen. This will make a red scent line appear, follow it to the end and dig up the item with Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (15) while riding your chocobo.

Phenomenon Intel 4: Taking Care of Business
After doing the first 3 Protorelics you will get a key to theBusinessman’s Hideout gate, east of Kalm. See the 2nd/3rd image below for this gate. You can easily reach it by fast traveling to the marker on the east of Kalm. After opening the gate, keep riding north all the way to the end until you enter a production hall. It will change the objective to “Wake up the Dead Businessmen”. To do this you must pull the lever in the front right corner inside the building. This will drop the box on the floor and the enemies will be revealed. Defeat them, then pay them 2,000 Gil. What dialogues you pick doesn’t matter here. At the end they’ll give you the Grasslands Protorelic.


Phenomenon Intel 5: Wrack and Ruin
Go to the marked location. When you get close it will change the objective to “search the area”. Look for a green tent in the middle of the area, it’s exactly where the map marker is. Interact with the yellow glowing item in front of the tent (it will show a yellow HUD marker when going near it). This will warp you into aminigame of Fort Condor. The goal is to destroy the boss units on the other side. Look at the ATB gauge on the top left, every time it fills 2-3 segments you can spawn a unit. On the right side it shows what units the CPU will spawn. In the top right it shows what each unit type’s strength/weakness is (attack, defense, ranged). Always play a unit that’s strong against the upcoming units, as seen on the right side. So if you see the opponent spawn attack units you should always put defense units on that side. If the opponent uses defense units you put ranged, if he puts ranged you put attack. After you defeat the boss units you’ll win a protorelic piece and the next one gets marked on the map.

Phenomenon Intel 6: Flotsam and Jetsam
Found among the shipwrecks on the group of islands, you can swim there from the beach to the north. You will again play a round of Fort Condor.

Phenomenon Intel 7: Crumbling Fastness
Found along the road south of Crow’s Nest (north of Abandoned Lighthouse).

Phenomenon Intel 8: Interdimensional Warlock
This is at the end of the mountain climbing path at the north-east edge of Junon Region. There are multiple ways to get there, but easiest is to follow the road north-east of Activation Intel 3, until you reach the end of the road, then climb down to the valley. Then climb up the two walls to the north using your chocobo, then turn left and go over the log by the waterfall. Keep climbing up, there’s only way way forward here, until you reach the Crow’s Camp (treasure chest icon on map). Turn right in Crow’s Camp where the water flows, follow that path and climb up one last wall, then go over the wooden bridge to find the Fort Condor game. The second map image below outlines the path.


Phenomenon Intel 9: Treasure Protector G
Go to the Protorelic marker, once there you will get a cutscene and receive a Cactuar Statue.

After the cutscene hold Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (32) to use the statue, it will point a light at a Cactuar Rock you must visit (see map image below). It’s on a hill slightly to the east of the Protorelic marker.

The entrance is on the north side of the mountain, drive up there and walk past the trailers blocking the path. Defeat the Cactuars in front of the rock, then interact with the rock, then go back to the Protorelic marker.

Now the door is unlocked, head inside and you’ll have to play a minigame of Cactuar Crush. The goal is to defeat as many Cactuars as possible in the time limit while playing Yuffie. Gladiatuars are weak to physical damage, Magituars are weak to Yuffie’s Ninjutsu magic. But if you want to keep it really simple just hold Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (36) and spam that repeatedly for AOE damage and you should at least reach Rank 1 (1000 points) which is sufficient for the Relic.

Phenomenon Intel 10: Kid G’s Trial
Unlocked immediately upon completing the 1st Protorelic. Same as before, you get a Cactuar Statue when interacting with the locked door at the Relic location.

Hold it with Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (39) to shine it at the destination (map image below).

You must climb up some yellow ledges to the north-east to reach the rock on a hill. Defeat the Cactuars, interact with the rock, return to the Relic location and beat Rank 1 of the minigame.

This minigame uses Aerith, you can cast Luminous/Shadow Ward with L2/R2. Then while standing inside the Ward can use light or dark magic. The bright Cactuars are weak to Luminous Ward, the dark Cactuars are weak to Shadow Ward.

Phenomenon Intel 11: Unfriendly Competition
Unlocked in Chapter 12, after completing main objective “Hightailing It”. You’ll have to advance the story, this can’t be done in Chapter 9 directly. Only after you reach the necessary story progress in Chapter 12 and completing Phenomenon Intel 1+2 this will appear on the map.

Same as before you must get the cactuar statue, hold it up to shine a light in the direction of the cacatuar rock. It’s found south-west of the intel location, by climbing up yellow ledges on a wall.

Then head back to the intel and complete the minigame.

Phenomenon Intel 12:Bladesman of Legend
Unlocked in Chapter 12, after completing main objective “Hightailing It”, and after having completed Phenomenon Intel 3. Just like before you must grab the Cactuar statue and hold it up to be pointed towards the Cactuar Rock.

It’s located directly east of the intel location, at the edge of the map. From Expedition Intel 6 head south to find a climbable wall with yellow ledges (slightly east of a chocobo stop). Climb up and follow the yellow ledges to reach the Cactuar rock.

Then head back to the intel and you’ll have to do another Cactuar Crush as Aerith. Afterward you have a miniboss fight which will complete the last relic piece.


Phenomenon Intel 13: Training Facility V-B (Turks Training)
In the very south of Gongaga you find a harbor/facility area. In the south-west corner of this harbor building area (in the corner), walk through the open gate and go downstairs. The icon location on the map looks like it’s on a mountain but it’s actually underground and accessed through the harbor area directly east of the icon. For this Protorelic you must complete a VR battle consisting of 3 rounds.

Phenomenon Intel 14: Training Facility A-D (Dissident Destruction)
From Activation Intel 2 go straight north. There’s a path leading uphill, either jump the mushroom or climb the rope or go up the hillpath in the edge of the area. On top you’ll find a rope you can slide down, leading to the underground facility where this intel is found. Complete the 3 rounds of VR fights.

Phenomenon Intel 15: Training Facility W-T (His Personal Escorts)
In the very north-east edge of the region. From the beach head east and jump over the mushroom to reach this. Again you must defeat 3 waves of enemies.

Phenomenon Intel 16: Training Facility B-T (The Deadliest Game)
This can be accessed from the Chocobo Stop directly south of the intel. Jump across the mushrooms to the right of the Chocobo Stop.

Cosmo CanyonRegion

Phenomenon Intel 17: Avalanche HQ
Approach this location from the north and enter the ruins. Talk to the people in the ruins, then interact with the robot to the left. This will start a new minigame “Gears and Gambits” where you must defeat a boss in the middle and defeatenemies that spawn. It’s similar to the Fort Condor minigame. Each type of robot is strong against another type: Type 1 is effective against Ice, Type 2 against fire, Type 3 against Lightning. It will show the weakness icon above the enemy’s head, so simply play the ones matching that icon. You see an ATB bar in the bottom left of the screen, whenever it’s charged you can deploy one of 3 robot types by pressing Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (70) . If the enemy has a blue ice icon you play your Type 1 which has ice attacks, against red fire icon you play your Type 2 which has Fire Attacks, againstyellow lightning icon you play Type 3.

Phenomenon Intel 18: Empyrean Ruins
Found on a mountain in the north of the map. You must approach the mountain through the lower desert area to the north. There are wind turbines leading to it. Use the chocobo on the ramps to the north to fly over the wind turbines and land on the mountain.

Phenomenon Intel 19: Capital Ruins
Found on the same plateau as Activation Intel 6(be sure to unlockActivation Intel 6first so you can fast travel there). Climb up the yellow ledges north of Activation Intel 6 to reach it. This fight is significantly harder than the first two, as the enemies are flying and must be shot down first. You’ll need to equip your robots with gravity or missiles to shoot down the flying enemies. In the robot selection screen, press Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (74) , then Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (75) to auto-equip your robots with the best loadout for the fight. This will make it significantly easier. Because the enemies are flying you’ll be quicker to defeat them when you play two of the robot types they are weak against. For example, if an enemy has a yellow lightning icon, you should play 2x Type 3 Robots (equipped with lightning attacks) in a row. They will quickly shoot down the flying enemy with their missile or gravity attack and then they will follow up with their elemental attacks. This quickly clears the path forward to the boss. After putting 2 robots, let the ATB charge enough that you can place another 2 when the next enemy spawns. This way you always have 2 robots in reserve to counter whatever the opponents are weak against. If you don’t have any luck with your loadout, go back to the customization menu before the fight, and press Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (76) > Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (77) again to have it automatically customize your robots.

Phenomenon Intel 20: Temple Ruins
This is located on top of the ruins (NOT behind the locked door below the icon). To reach it, fly off the chocobo ramp north-west of Phenomenon Intel 3. You’ll land on a mountain, then must use the elevator on the left to reach the upper ruins, go upstairs and you’ll find this at the very top. The strategy is basically the same as for the previous encounter. In the customization screen press Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (80) > Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (81) to have it automatically optimize the robots for you.


Phenomenon Intel 21: Adumbral Thong
Approach the robed men directly west of Activation Intel 2. Follow them along the road. They are very slow walking, just stay close to them. Along the way they’ll be attacked by enemies which you must defeat. They will walk to the door of a factory building, open the door and defeat the enemies inside to finish this.

Phenomenon Intel 22: Airstrip Amblers
Follow the robed men until they stop at a door. Try to open the door, it will be locked. You then get a quest marker west of the Airstrip. Go there by swimming across the water with your chocobo. There’s a hole in a fence below the airstrip, only accessible via the ocean. Enter there, then open the left door. This leads to a room with another locked door and a submarine. Drop down the left and use your chocobo’s water jet ( Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (86) ) on the little pool of water to the right of the submarine. This will catapult you up, land on the right side where there’s a hole in the wall and go through it. Follow the path to the end and defeat the enemies.

Phenomenon Intel 23: Cursed Confidant
This starts at the beach near the middle of the region. Defeat the enemies that spawn when you approach the robed men. Then you are told to follow the robed men up the slope but you can skip that part. Just run up the slope and open the map to see a new marker showing where to go. This leads to another group of robed men on the south side up the mountain. Follow them to a close gate, then interact with the valve 3 times to open the gate. Go into the next area, defeat the enemies. Now there are 3 valves and a locked gate. You mustalign all 3 valves that their red marking points upward. If you haven’t touched the valves yet, the quickest method is to turn the middle valve ones (making the left and middle valve align), then turn the left valve until it and the middle valve point up. Then turn the right valve until the red color points up. This will open the gate and triggers another fight, after whichthis intel will be done.

Phenomenon Intel 24: Shoreline Shamblers
This starts at the same beach as the previous intel. Approach the robed men to get a cutscene. After the cutscene you get a new marker on an island to the north-west. Go there using your chocobo. Then use your chocobo’s water jet ( Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Rebirth All Protorelic Phenomenon Intel Locations (89) ) to climb the wall that has green foilage on it. Follow the path uphill and defeat the miniboss to finish this.

Meridian OceanRegion

Phenomenon Intel 25: Gilgamesh Gardens
This is the big gateleading to the palace on Gilgamesh Island. It only opens up after completing Phenomenon Intel 2-4. Then you can go inside, go through the building to the right to find Gilgamesh sitting in the garden. Then you must defeat him. He’s Level 70. If you are Level 70 yourself and play on easy difficulty this shouldn’t be a problem (can grind levels in Musclehead Colosseum in the Gold Saucer). He only deals physical damage so cast barrier on all characters to take half damage, use a Heal Materia to cast Regen on everyone, then deal damage as Cloud and keep everyone’s ATB & Limit Breaks ready for when Gilgamesh gets staggered.

Phenomenon Intel 26: The Bladesman of Legend
Found in the south-east of the island. You will fight Titan and Bahamut Arisen. You must have unlocked both of their Summon Materia from Chadley’s Combat Simulator (having done so in their lowest power version is enough).

Phenomenon Intel 27: The Genji Armaments
Found in the south-west of the island. You will fight Phoenix and Kujata. You must have unlocked both of their Summon Materia from Chadley’s Combat Simulator (having done so in their lowest power version is enough). Defeat Kujata to break the tether to Phoenix, then Phoenix will revive Kujata. Then kill Phoenix to stop him from reviving Kujata, and finally kill Kujata once more.

Phenomenon Intel 28: Shrine of the Full Moon
Found in thenorththe island. You will fight Alexander and Odin. You must have unlocked both of their Summon Materia from Chadley’s Combat Simulator (having done so in their lowest power version is enough). This is the hardest fight you will have encountered yet, especially because of Odin’s Zantetsuken which will instantly kill your entire team. Take out Odin first. A team of Cloud, Yuffie, Tifa will work well here. Play mainly as Yuffie, playing at range makes it easy to dodge Odin’s attacks (Yuffie is agile and good at dodging). Start by casting Haste (Time Materia) on Yuffie to recharge ATB faster. The way Odin’s Zantetsuken works is that there’s a hidden scale between him getting weakened when you hit him with lots of ATB Abilities, or him using Zantetsuken if he lands too many hits on you. You need to evade almost all his attacks, and keep hitting him constantly with ranged ATB Abilities to swing the hidden scale towards weakening him, and keeping him from using Zantetsuken. As Yuffie, equip her weapon “Fuma Shuriken” (found at the end ofChapter 13), and equip her weapon ability “Purification”. It’s a Ranged ATB ability that’s quick to perform and absorbs HP and MP from Odin. By spamming this on him it should keep him from using Zantetsuken if you can avoid being hit. Equip everyone on your team with a Revival Earring, these can be bought infinitely from vending machines, for example from the one in Cosmo Canyon at Kamaria’s Ranch. These will autorevive you when your HP goes to 0. Additionally, have Phoenix as your summoning materia, you can use his Reraise to give yourself an autorevive. Also equip Cloud’s weapon “Umbral Blade” and its weapon ability “Reprieve”, this lets you survive a death blow with 1 HP (the weapon is found inChapter 8). You will also want the Materia “Reraise” which you can craft at Chadley at any of his spawn locations (for example in Cosmo Canyon at Kamaria’s Ranch). This Materia lets you cast an autorevive on a character, which lets you survive Zantetsuken. Equip all 3 characters with Revive Materia, which are also bought from the vending machine in Cosmo Canyon at Kamaria’s Ranch. The first Zantetsuken you’ll survive thanks to the Revival Earrings, but keep in mind these are 1 use only and will break upon death. Then you must cast the Reraise Materia to survive. Yuffie’s Purification weapon ability will drain MP so you can constantly cast Reraise on everyone. Put a Magnify Materia next to Reraise in a connected weapon/armor slot so that the effect is applied to the entire party with 1 use. You should definitely be Level 70 and play on easy difficulty for this fight. It’s best to keep this until after the story and do it via Chapter Select, afterhaving reached Level 70 (can grind levels in Musclehead Colosseum in Gold Saucer).

That’s 100% of the Protorelics in Final Fantasy7 Rebirth. After beating Gilgamesh you will unlock theBladesman of Legend trophy. If you found all other World Intel you can craft the last Materia at Chadley after Gilgamesh for theMateria Completionisttrophy.Beating Gilgamesh will also gain access to Chadley’s Brutal/Legendary Combat Simulator Challenges, which are needed for Johnny’s Treasure Trove Items.

For more Collectible Guides, check out the completeFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth World IntelGuide.

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