Clean My Mac Sign In (2024)

1. Manage subscription - CleanMyMac X - MacPaw

  • 27 mrt 2023 · The most recent CleanMyMac customers who activate the app with login and password have all they need in MacPaw Account. Go on reading this ...

  • (Updated: March 27, 2023)

2. CleanMyMac X: Make Your Mac As Good As New

  • CleanMyMac blog · Refund Policy · How to uninstall CleanMyMac... · Privacy

  • Here’s the only legit tool for a health check, Mac speed up and protection. Get a smoothly-running system in no time — CleanMyMac X is incredibly easy to use. Get started for free.

3. How to manage and cancel your Apple subscriptions - CleanMyMac X

  • 4 aug 2021 · Open the App Store on your Mac. · Bottom left, click your name, or sign in if you haven't already. · Select View Information, top right, and sign ...

  • Managing your App Store subscriptions isn't difficult when you've got the know-how. So let's get started with all the tips you need.

4. A quick way to disable automatic login on Mac - CleanMyMac X

  • Open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy. From the General tab, you can select Disable Automatic Login. That's it!

  • Automatic login may be a convenient feature, but it’s also a vulnerability. Here’s how to disable automatic login on your Mac.

5. Can't login my laptop account - Apple Community

6. How to Share CleanMyMac X Account License - GoSplit

  • 28 mei 2024 · Log into your Macpaw account and select your CleanMyMac X plan to view available slots for sharing your license. Each slot allows a Mac to ...

  • For Mac users, maintaining your Mac's performance is crucial, and CleanMyMac X stands out as an effective tool for this purpose. It not only cleans and speeds up your Mac but also offers additional features like malware removal and privacy protection. While beneficial, the cost of CleanMyMac X – $89.95 for a single license and $199.95 for a five-Mac license – may be a barrier, particularly for those with just one or two Macs.

7. CleanMyMac X - Bekijk prijzen, reviews en scores - Capterra

  • I use the software regularly to check for viruses and malware. I also use it to reset memory on my Mac. I like the way that it lets me know if memory is running ...

  • Ontdek de plus- en minpunten van CleanMyMac X en leer meer over de functies, de prijs en het gebruiksgemak van de software. Lees nuttige beoordelingen van geverifieerde gebruikers en ontdek vergelijkbare programma's.

8. Is Clean My Mac a Virus? - Malwarebytes Forums

  • 27 sep 2023 · Hello @Rubytuz and :welcome: : The truly legitimate CleanMyMac X (v4.14.2) is not malware. With all the built-in features of macOS, ...

  • Someone told me that the Clean My Mac app is a virus. I like how it gets rid of unnecessary files. Is there any reason I should not use Clean My Mac?

9. Download CleanMyMac 4.15.0 for Mac |

  • Download the latest version of CleanMyMac for Mac. Keep your computer in good shape. CleanMyMac is a maintenance tool that takes care of correcting and...

  • Keep your computer in good shape

10. CleanMyMac X on Setapp | Free up space, protect, and speed up Mac

  • CleanMyMac is a powerful app to clean, optimize, and protect your Mac for years of use. Run instant system cleanups, uninstall and update apps, ...

  • Clean up and optimize your Mac with a touch of a button. Or manually use a variety of built-in tools to speed up macOS and keep it in top shape.

11. Clean My Mac update caused TOTAL FILE RESYNC

  • 7 mrt 2017 · Hi, that's Volodymyr from MacPaw, company that developed CleanMyMac app. Thanks for contacting us on that, we've located what exactly ...

  • I just updated clean my mac ran it and now my Dropbox is resyncing ALL THE FILES.  What went wrong?  I don't want this to happen again.   Thank you. 

12. Sign out of an email account in Outlook for Mac - Microsoft Support

  • In the lower left of the Accounts dialog box, click the minus (-) button. Delete a mail account. Select Sign out. Select Sign Out to remove the account from ...

  • Learn how to sign out of an email account in Outlook for Mac

13. How to use X for Mac - X Help Center

  • How to sign up or log in with the application · Launch the X app from your device. · Click the Sign up button to create a X account. · Choose and enter your ...

  • New to X for Mac? This article goes over the basics to get you started.

14. Can't Disable Find My Mac? Here Are Solutions! - iBoysoft Data Recovery

  • Remove from your account · Open on your browser. · Sign in with your Apple ID and password. · Click All Devices on the top. · Select the device ...

  • If you can't disable Find My Mac on an used Mac or on your own Mac, you can read this post to get some proven solutions to turn off Find My Mac on your device.

15. CleanMyMac X Has New Malware Removal Tool Powered By Moonlock

  • 19 jul 2023 · Click to save this article. You'll be asked to sign into your Forbes account. Got it.

  • The Moonlock Engine has been developed and will be maintained by a team of cybersecurity researchers and engineers that MacPaw has assembled in a new division.

16. MAC Cosmetics

  • Our beloved lip balm for a fresh ... SIGN IN/MY ACCOUNT · JOIN LOYALTY · 0. Sign In. Create Account. or SIGN UP FOR MAC LOVER REWARDS to get exclusive offers and ...

  • Buy skin care, makeup and cosmetics from MAC Cosmetics. Shop our full line of custom-fit skin care, makeup & fragrance products. Great skin can be created. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

17. How to suscribe your Cleanmymac ? | Spliiit

  • Go to macpaw, search for CleanmyMac and click on download. How to share my Clean my mac subscription ? Once downloaded, there will be a yellow box at the bottom ...

  • Shared subscription keeps your wallet happy !

18. Cleaner One Pro | Trend Micro Help Center

  • SIGN IN. Product Help; Download · Open a Ticket · Contact Us · Looking for ... Cleaner and Cleaner One Pro on my Mac? Yes. Keeping both apps on your Mac ...

  • Cleaner One Pro is an All in one Mac Clean Master that offers Disk Clean and more. Quick and easy to use, with an intuitive user interface.

Clean My Mac Sign In (2024)
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