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We offer a range of above ground pools to suit any preference. Our options include:

  • Resin Hybrid Pools: Resin Hybrid Pools have all the right parts in allthe right places. Resin where resin is best and steel where steel isbest. Hands down, the best above ground pool structure on the markettoday.
  • Resin Frame Pools: Resin frame pools are lighterweight than steel frame pools, making them easier to install and move.They are a good option for those who want a pool that is easy to set upand take down.
  • Steel Frame Pools: These pools are made with a sturdy steel frame andare built to withstand heavy use. They are a great option for familieswith children or pets.

Make a well informed buying decision and increase your above ground pool knowledge by reading our "". We sell complete pool packages witheverything needed for assembly and standard operation. Additionalupgrade packages are available under the "Upgrade Options" tab of each poolkit.

  • CaliMar Above Ground Pool
  • Knowledge for Above Ground Pools
  • See All CaliMar Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool components were at one time made solely of steelor metal alloys. Today, the pool walls are still strictly steel buttoday manufacturer's such as H.I.I. (Doughboy) and Wilbar (SeasprayPools) are usingresin components in several of their models to increase strength,sturdinessand product longevity.

There are essentially two classes of resin above ground pools. There's Resin and ResinHybrid. Resin component pools use the same steel wall but all other components are made of 100% resin. The Resin Hybrid pools again utilize the steel wall but us amixture of steel and 100% resin components. Generally, these pools are very competitively priced and are just a strong as the all resin pools. Many resin pools are designed to withstand salt water chlorinators, making them great saltwater pools. Enjoy every morning, afternoon or evening in the luxury of your completely carefree resin pool.

H.I.I. the manufacturer of Doughboy above ground pools is also the manufacturer of the CaliMar® resin hybrid pools. These are the strongest, longest lasting models of pools on the market and carry an unprecedented 8 Year Full + 22 Year Pro-Rated warranty and all liners come with a 100% warranty against seam separation.

Looking for a replacement above ground pool with no equipment or accessories? Click Here.

Want to customize your pool package? We can do that.Email ushow you would like it customized along with the ship to city, state, zipand we'll email back a custom pool package, ready to purchase.

Create a Backyard Vacation today with We are not a "big box" store; but we do have big box store pricing. We harness the power of volume buying combined with wholesale direct pricing to offer the most affordable above ground pools in the industry. These pools are manufactured by industry leaders such as Wilbar, Doughboy, Trevi and Intex.

Our pools are sold as complete packages with everything needed for basic operation. No additional equipment is required; though we do offer someexclusive upgrade packages to further enhance your backyard vacationdestination area. Click on the 'Upgrade Option' tab on any of the individualpool packages to learn more.

If you are looking for discount pools, look no farther than because we offer them as well, with full manufacturer’s warranties at wholesale prices.

52" Walls
(Approx. Gallons)
54" Walls
(Approx. Gallons)

Yards of Sand for
Under Liner

8' Round




12' Round3,5683,7041
15' Round5,0685,2601 - 1-1/2
16' Round5,3825,5861-1/2
18' Round7,2987,5751-1/2 - 2
21' Round9,93010,3072-1/2 - 3
24' Round12,97413,4673 - 3-1/2
27' Round16,42017,0443-1/2 - 4
28' Round16,99517,6414
30' Round20,71021,4975
33' Round27,50028,5456

8' x 12' Oval




10' x 15' Oval




12' x 18' Oval5,1005,2941 - 1-1/2
12' x 20' Oval5,6675,8821-1/2
12' x 21' Oval5,9506,1761-1/2
12' x 23' Oval6,5006,7471-1/2 - 2
12' x 24' Oval6,8007,0581-1/2 - 2
15' x 24' Oval8,5008,8232
15' x 26' Oval9,2009,5502-1/2
15' x 30' Oval
11,52111,9593 - 3-1/2
16' x 24' Oval
16' x 28' Oval
16' x 32' Oval
3-1/2 - 4
18' x 33' Oval15,04115,6134 - 4-1/2
18' x 34' Oval
18' x 40' Oval17,90018,5804-1/2 - 5
21' x 41' Oval20,20020,9675 - 5-1/2
21' x 43' Oval
Gallons and Yards of Sand Needed under the liner are approximates.

*Not all resin component pools are salt water approved pools.

Best Above Ground Pool Packages with Free Shipping Pool Kits (2024)
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