10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (2024)

Most people that love Earthbound will be the first to admit that the game is one of the stranger video games in existence. Being strange absolutely doesn’t mean that it isn’t an incredible experience, though. Earthbound is one of the most unique and rewarding RPGs to grace the Super Nintendo.

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People might be seeking a game similar to Earthbound in a few different ways. Maybe you’re searching for another quirky RPG. Maybe you’re looking for a game with a fun spin on a familiar narrative. Whatever your reason, there are tons of fantastic games for you to try if you’re one of the many people who love Earthbound.

10 Chrono Trigger

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If you are looking for an RPG with a fascinating story and a cast of characters you'll likely never forget, look no further than Chrono Trigger. It is still widely regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time to this day for good reason. It manages to balance a serious story with plenty of quirky character moments much like Earthbound.

The active battle system featured in the game keeps every fight feeling like a real challenge, but you'll never feel underpowered. It's not necessarily as weird as Earthbound, but it has just as many great moments of joy and surprise.

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If people who loved Earthbound are in search of a game that is just as strange, and remarkably similar in style, Contact might just be the game for you. The Nintendo DS game came out back in 2006 but is still fondly remembered to this day.

The game is worth experiencing without any spoilers, but one thing you should know is that you yourself will be a character. You don't make a character, the game will directly speak and refer to you as you make your way through its unique tale.

8 Super Mario RPG

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A lot of people seem to forget that there are quite a few Mario RPGs and almost all of them are a ton of fun. One of the best is Super Mario RPG for the SNES. It features plenty of fantastic characters from the Mario world and plenty of new ones to get to know.

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It can be a bit simple for RPG veterans, but it features a rather unique Mario story. Rather than some of the enemies you might expect, you'll find yourself facing enemies you may have never thought Mario would take on.

7 Deltarune

10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (4)

For those that somehow don't know, Deltarune is the follow-up game to the widely successful Undertale. Fans of that game will feel right at home with Deltarune, though the latest effort from Tobi Fox often feels a bit grander in scope.

Even though the game has only seen the release of two chapters thus far, it is planned for many more, and even the two that are already available have become iconic. The game is a unique experience for RPG fans and one that most people won't regret seeking out.


10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (5)

While OFF is a rather simple RPG on the surface, it is often regarded as an underrated gem of the genre for good reason. Your goal as the Batter is simple: purify the world around you by any means necessary. If you want a unique RPG that is still simple to understand, OFF is a great choice.

The only real challenge will be adjusting to the unique classifications found within the game, but it's a quick adjustment to make. The strange story is the real draw of the game, and the various thought-provoking puzzles make the experience feel challenging.

5 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Darkness

10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (6)

If you've played a Mystery Dungeon game before, you likely know what you're in for when it comes to this game. Shifting the quirky experiences and gameplay of Earthbound into a Pokemon-style was shockingly easy.

Any of the Mystery Dungeon games will likely be a blast for fans of Earthbound so long as they also share a love for Pokemon on the side. The game likely won't be as weird as Earthbound, but talking Pokemon is almost always a pretty strange sight to see.

4 Persona 5 Royal

10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (7)

One of the more modern examples of a fun yet bizarre JRPG is Persona 5. People whole loved Earthbound but wanted to experience a longer story and more fleshed-out characters will find a lot to enjoy in Persona 5.

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The average playthrough of the game is anywhere from 80-120 hours in length, so you can expect to spend a lot of time in the heavily stylized world. Some might consider it more grounded than Earthbound, but it's definitely unique in its own ways. Anyone can have fun mastering Persona 5`s mechanics.

3 Lisa: The Painful

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One of the more profound and surprisingly in-depth experiences a player can find when looking for something similar to Earthbound is by picking up Lisa: The Painful. The game is a standard RPG for the most part, but it uses a unique mechanic in the form of the drug Joy.

Since Lisa is an experience best left to be entirely experienced in the moment, it's best to go in without knowing anything. Just be ready to feel all kinds of emotions and be ready to play through the game at least twice if you want to get a full scope of what can truly go on.

2 Citizens Of Earth

10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (9)

If you want an idea of just how much Earthbound fans should give Citizens Of Earth a try, most people refer to it as a kind of spoof take on the franchise. The good thing is the game is pretty widely available across consoles.

Put simply, you are the Vice-President of the Earth and it's your job to do what you can to protect your world. It's a refreshing and fun game that just about any RPG fan will enjoy, but Earthbound fans may find an even greater connection with and appreciation for the game.

1 Undertale

10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (10)

Everyone has heard of Undertale, but not everyone has necessarily tried it out for themselves. Many consider the game to be a kind of spiritual successor to the Mother series and even more believe that the game even features direct ties to Earthbound.

It's one of the most unique RPGs ever made with a mechanic that directly asks you to not choose violence. It's a quirky game filled with a ton of humor and great music that is incredibly reminiscent of Earthbound, so fans of that series will love Undertale.

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10 Games Like Earthbound You Should Play (2024)
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